Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest and most fascinating volcano in Africa, it is situated between Tanzania and Kenya in the heart of Black Africa.

It is 5,895 meters high and its volcanic cones disappear into the clouds, dominating an enchanting and wild landscape.

Arabica shrubs that are cultivated in the upland plain of Kilimanjaro produce excellent coffee beans thanks to the combination of favourable climate and suitable geographical and geological conditions, while Robusta coffee is grown in the valleys.

The fascination of Black Africa and Kilimanjaro inspired the logo and name of our company,  KILI CAFFE’.

In 1970 we started an accurate marketing research in the world of coffee, and this product has taken us to Africa, Central America and South America, so that today we can offer our consumers a complete range of coffee blends.

Giuseppe Arena, founder and owner of the Company, started selling roasted coffee beans in 1 kilo packets in the 1970s,

attaining immediate and successful results on the market thanks to his high quality standards,  his accurate selection of raw coffee beans and his roasting method, which is an art that requires a long and exhaustive experience.

In the 80s and 90s the company’s distribution area was enlarged and its sales volume increased: the Sicilian firm conquered a significant position in this field.


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