Coffee and health

A lot of information available from the mass-media tells us that coffee is healthy. Even if coffee contains a large number of compounds which have not yet been identified, it is characterized by the presence of caffeine. In Arabica coffee, the caffeine ranges from 0.9 to 1.5%, while Robusta can contain as much as 3.5%. Caffeine (if taken in the right amount) stimulates the central nervous system and counterbalances the effects of tiredness.

It has also another important property, since it acts as a bronchodilator in asthmatics and reduces anginous pain in heart patients. It is widely known that a cup of coffee after a meal can prevent a drop in blood pressure, especially in the elderly. Coffee seems to be an effective diuretic and it is said to be an aphrodisiac too. Without doubt caffeine has many positive effects on several kinds of migraine and is successfully used in the medical field.


Coffee tastes better when shared with another


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