Coffee Legends

Many legends tell us about the origin of this reinvigorating drink.

The most popular legend relates the story that in Ethiopia a shepherd called Kaldi led his goats to pasture and noted that after having eaten the berries of a wild plant they seemed very excited. The shepherd could not find any explanation, so he told an abbot about this fact. The abbot understood the properties of that plant, and prepared a bitter and warm drink with the beans which reinvigorated the body and made people feel wide awake and energetic.
The abbot shared his discovery with the other monks of the monastery, so the stimulating effect of these beans started to spread.



Coffee was taken to Arabia, starting its widespread use to become popular in the entire world. As with other plants and seeds, the discovery and diffusion of coffee are also connected to wars, colonisation and trade, since those who were involved in wars and colonisations took coffee with them during their travels to foreign lands.
Coffee came to the West through Venice, where the first “Coffee Shop” was opened in 1640. Due to its immediate success, coffee and coffee bars spread in England, Austria, Germany and Holland too.


Coffee reached the United States around 1670 through Dutch colonizers, who imposed their European habits. Coffee started to become popular in America only in the second half of the 18th Century, then it rapidly conquered the markets in the most important American cities.


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